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While the Battle with COVID-19 continue, with scientific enigma and public intrigues of war (Ranieri), in a strange and crazy game for win on the market, in an other space, with the propulsive work of Allan Widom, we have a First article on electromagnetic analisys of virus Life, diagnostics and May Be therapy see annex article and materials in www.iiimb.me .


We discuss many Times about new development in electromagnetic diagnostics of COVID-19 in particular with PROGNOS SYSTEM german russian device, and with the electromagnetic attack  with radiofrequency produced by ALTIMED in Kiev, but too weak  was the theoretical basis of this phenomena.

Also the pioneristic basic work of Jamal Aissa with Jaques Benveniste and Luc Montagnier find some difficult to an biophysics interpretations.
So with Grest pleasure we look to this work of Allan Widom Yogi Srivastava and colleagueas that open a new window on Life of virus and in the contrast to their dedaly activity.

We will continue to discuss about in the next 11th WORKSHOP
programned for September.
Thanks a lot again to Allan and Yogi for this Summer work.

Prato 31 August 2020
Vincenzo Valenzi

Thanks a lot again for your great development in physics of DNA and RNA. I discuss with Jamal Aissa,  former collaborateur  of Jacques Benveniste and Luc Montagnier that will work with you to plan some experiment on virus bacteria and cells, to measure some em phenomena that rule the life of virus bacteria and cell (see attached file).
Many others phenomena must be observed on Skin, in the body electric circuitry, that  togheter ECG EEG and EMG governs the functions of organs as hearth, brain and for the SEP also the others organ http://www.iiimb.me/files/07-Valenzi_-et-coll-COHERENCE2020.pdf

The emergency oif CORONAVIRUS that persists,  with a lot of kind of vaccine that would try to prevent infections  make aware all us about the urgence of a scientific development in biophyscs of virus bacteria and our immunosystem and cells.
Your previous contributions about an electromagnetic therapy to kill coronavirus help us to understand some interesting data in this field   Home Page.

Home Page

Your last contribution (attached)  open a new window on solitons and collective electric phenomena in the life of virus, bacteria, and in the whole  body.
I’m convinced that togheter the scientific Community in the world we could clear some key dinamics of life to protect Health against the new menace that create disorder  pain and death  in our people.
Vincenzo Valenzi
Sesto Fiorentino 14 Agosto 2020

Ciao All,

I have been slowed down by te heat that brings me these days some body pain.

(1) David, I think I have a proof that the longitudinal wave on a long toy slinky "spring" has a frequency independent of the the slinky length. That is the observable mode   on a dna chain and I also think o an rna chain. David, verify it or not maybe in the lab.

(2) The Thirring model in one spatial dimension are Dirac electrons with the Fermi point like product of currents that is renormalizable in one spatial dimension. I use a trick pointed out to me many years ago  by Yogi that a product of currents grown ots own boson dynamics.

See attached


vector potential
Dear Allan

I'm afraid that you are rigth when wrote:
"Years ago when I had the pleasure of talking to Feynman about applications of quantum electrodynamic circuits
he asked me explicitly how I write current operators in the circuits. For electrons I wrote the usual Dirac current plus possible Schwinger terms on my office blackboard. That drew a quick response from Feynman that "Schwinger terms in the current were not good for anything!" I responded by going to the blackboard and erasing the Schwinger terms. Feynman laughed and said "OK they are really there but they are numbers not operators only there to reference the electron vacuum state."

In life and in our bioelectrical system many strange phenomena happens and may be that your analisys could help us to understand them http://www.iiimb.me/files/UNO-1-TROFIMOV,VALENZI-solar-activity--metheoropaty-and-covid-19--1-.pdf

Also your contributions for electromagnetic attack to CORONAVIRUS  seems of enormous interest to understand some result with radiofrequency that are effective against rinovirus and influenza like  virus and may be also against COVID-19. You, if possible, will discuss it in 10Th MERIDIANTECH AND COVID19  next 4 August  http://www.iiimb.me/index.html TOGETHER THESE INTRIGUING DEVELOPMENT IN THIS NOTE ANNEX .

Feynman remade quantum electrodynamics—the theory of the interaction between light and matter—and thus altered the way science understands the nature of waves and particles. He was co-awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1965 for this work, which tied together in an experimentally perfect package all the varied phenomena at work in light, radio, electricity, and magnetism. The other cowinners of the Nobel Prize, Julian S. Schwinger of the United States and Tomonaga Shin’ichirō of Japan, had independently created equivalent theories, but it was Feynman’s that proved the most original and far-reaching. The problem-solving tools that he invented—including pictorial representations of particle interactions known as Feynman diagrams—permeated many areas of theoretical physics in the second half of the 20th century.
Born in the Far Rockaway section of New York City, Feynman was the descendant of Russian and Polish Jews who had immigrated to the United States late in the 19th century. He studied physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where his undergraduate thesis (1939) proposed an original and enduring approach to calculating forces in molecules. Feynman received his doctorate at Princeton University in 1942. At Princeton, with his adviser, John Archibald Wheeler, he developed an approach to quantum mechanics governed by the principle of least action. This approach replaced the wave-oriented electromagnetic picture developed by James Clerk Maxwell with one based entirely on particle interactions mapped in space and time. In effect, Feynman’s method calculated the probabilities of all the possible paths a particle could take in going from one point to another. During World War II Feynman was recruited to serve as a staff member of the U.S. atomic bomb project at Princeton University (1941–42) and then at the new secret laboratory at Los Alamos, New Mexico (1943–45). At Los Alamos he became the youngest group leader in the theoretical division of the Manhattan Project. With the head of that division, Hans Bethe, he devised the formula for predicting the energy yield of a nuclear explosive. Feynman also took charge of the project’s primitive computing effort, using a hybrid of new calculating machines and human workers to try to process the vast amounts of numerical computation required by the project. He observed the first detonation of an atomic bomb on July 16, 1945, near Alamogordo, New Mexico, and, though his initial reaction was euphoric, he later felt anxiety about the force he and his colleagues had helped unleash on the world. At war’s end Feynman became an associate professor at Cornell University (1945–50) and returned to studying the fundamental issues of quantum electrodynamics. In the years that followed, his vision of particle interaction kept returning to the forefront of physics as scientists explored esoteric new domains at the subatomic level. In 1950 he became professor of theoretical physics at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), where he remained the rest of his career.
Five particular achievements of Feynman stand out as crucial to the development of modern physics. First, and most important, is his work in correcting the inaccuracies of earlier formulations of quantum electrodynamics, the theory that explains the interactions between electromagnetic radiation (photons) and charged subatomic particles such as electrons and positrons (antielectrons). By 1948 Feynman completed this reconstruction of a large part of quantum mechanics and electrodynamics and resolved the meaningless results that the old quantum electrodynamic theory sometimes produced. Second, he introduced simple diagrams, now called Feynman diagrams, that are easily visualized graphic analogues of the complicated mathematical expressions needed to describe the behaviour of systems of interacting particles. This work greatly simplified some of the calculations used to observe and predict such interactions.
In the early 1950s Feynman provided a quantum-mechanical explanation for the Soviet physicist Lev D. Landau’s theory of superfluidity—i.e., the strange, frictionless behaviour of liquid helium at temperatures near absolute zero. In 1958 he and the American physicist Murray Gell-Mann devised a theory that accounted for most of the phenomena associated with the weak force, which is the force at work in radioactive decay. Their theory, which turns on the asymmetrical “handedness” of particle spin, proved particularly fruitful in modern particle physics. And finally, in 1968, while working with experimenters at the Stanford Linear Accelerator on the scattering of high-energy electrons by protons, Feynman invented a theory of “partons,” or hypothetical hard particles inside the nucleus of the atom, that helped lead to the modern understanding of quarks.
Feynman’s stature among physicists transcended the sum of even his sizable contributions to the field. His bold and colourful personality, unencumbered by false dignity or notions of excessive self-importance, seemed to announce: “Here is an unconventional mind.” He was a master calculator who could create a dramatic impression in a group of scientists by slashing through a difficult numerical problem. His purely intellectual reputation became a part of the scenery of modern science. Feynman diagrams, Feynman integrals, and Feynman rules joined Feynman stories in the everyday conversation of physicists. They would say of a promising young colleague, “He’s no Feynman, but….” His fellow physicists envied his flashes of inspiration and admired him for other qualities as well: a faith in nature’s simple truths, a skepticism about official wisdom, and an impatience with mediocrity.
Feynman’s lectures at Caltech evolved into the books Quantum Electrodynamics (1961) and The Theory of Fundamental Processes (1961). In 1961 he began reorganizing and teaching the introductory physics course at Caltech; the result, published as The Feynman Lectures on Physics, 3 vol. (1963–65), became a classic textbook. Feynman’s views on quantum mechanics, scientific method, the relations between science and religion, and the role of beauty and uncertainty in scientific knowledge are expressed in two models of science writing, again distilled from lectures: The Character of Physical Law (1965) and QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter (1985).
When Feynman died in 1988 after a long struggle with cancer, his reputation was still mainly confined to the scientific community; his was not a household name. Many Americans had seen him for the first time when, already ill, he served on the presidential commission that investigated the 1986 explosion of the space shuttle Challenger. He conducted a dramatic demonstration at a televised hearing, confronting an evasive NASA witness by dunking a piece of rubber seal in a glass of ice water to show how predictable the failure of the booster rocket’s rubber seal might have been on the freezing morning of
’s launch. He added his own appendix to the commission’s report, emphasizing the space agency’s failures of risk management. He achieved a growing popular fame after his death, in part because of two autobiographical collections of anecdotes published in the years around his passing,
“Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!”: Adventures of a Curious Character
(1985) and
“What Do You Care What Other People Think?”: Further Adventures of a Curious Character
(1988), which irritated some of his colleagues by emphasizing his bongo playing and his patronage of a topless bar more than his technical accomplishments. Other popular books appeared posthumously, including
Six Easy Pieces: Essentials of Physics Explained by Its Most Brilliant Teacher
(1994) and
Six Not-So-Easy Pieces: Einstein’s Relativity, Symmetry, and Space-Time
(1997), and his life was celebrated in an opera (
[2005], by Jack Vees), a graphic novel (
[2011], by Jim Ottaviani and Leland Myrick), and a play (
[2001], by Peter Parnell), the latter of which was commissioned by and starred Alan Alda






Sant'Arcangelo Trimonte 6 giugno 2020 Vincenzo Valenzi
Scanning for answers to a pandemic

I read too much about the new spectre that go around the world, (its’nt the spectre of Comunism…). Indeed when I read about the work of Bill Gates (see below in appendix) I see a good man, very rich and successful, that try to do his best to help against diseases and other drama of our society, in particulary against the PANDEMY OF covid-19.
Of course he is not a medical doctor, and could make a lot of mistakes in his analysis of COVID 19 crisis and their treatment, but these mistakes are made Scientific Community, facing to very strange virus and very complex diseases for diagnostics and for treatment https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-01115-z?utm_source=Nature+Briefing&utm_campaign=2f131e19b0-briefing-dy-20200511_COPY_01&utm_medium=email& .
“Researchers are trying to determine whether the antibodies detected by current kits can act as a proxy for protective immunity, says Smith.
Another complicating factor for immunity passports is that antibody tests can’t rule out that a person is no longer infectious, says Smith. A study published in Nature this month found that viral RNA declines slowly after antibodies are detected in the blood. The presence of viral RNA could mean that the person is still shedding infectious virus.
Despite the challenges, once reliable antibody tests are available, they could be important to understanding which groups of people have been infected how to stop further spread, says Collignon. They could even be used to diagnose active infections when PCR tests fail, adds Smith”.                                      Nature 580, 571-572 (2020)
It could be useful pay special attention to the observation that: “A study published in Nature this month found that viral RNA declines slowly after antibodies are detected in the blood. The presence of viral RNA could mean that the person is still shedding infectious virus”.
It could be also that this CORONA VIRUS 19, not always is cleared by our body and cell, as for the virus of Epatite B , in chronicization with antibody and antigene  HBsAg, present, or herpes virus that  stay in our DNA and could reorganize its structure and produce an endogenous infection, or Micobacterium that make something of Herpes virus, as revelead in the last works of Luc Montagnier and Jamall Aissa  https://www.labyrinthdesigners.org/alchemy-nature/luc-montagnier-water-and-dna-induction-transmission/
So while we are looking with great interest to the experience of Seattle that Bill Gates support with some key questionn open:
There’s a lot we still don’t know about COVID-19. How many people are infected with the virus, including those without symptoms? Is it seasonal or weather dependent? And when will it be safe to get back to work and send kids back to school?
Here’s the story of a new disease surveillance program in Seattle that may help answer some of these questions. The Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network—or SCAN—is a first-of-its-kind, at-home virus testing program that will improve our understanding of the outbreak in Seattle and provide valuable information about the virus for other communities around the world.
Many Team are workin on this line, as the IITM  lead by prof. Francesco Sicurello from CNR of Milan see inside its presentation 12 march to COHERENCE2020  http://www.iiimb.me/atti-di-coherence2020.html
About the great questioni f COVID-19 DISEAS Is it seasonal or weather dependent? The answer is not clear but complex as Alexander Trofimov and Vincenzo Valenzi try to show in their presentation in the 4° workshop on MERIDIANTECH AND COVID-19  see some graphs on correlations between solar activity and SPAGNOLA in 1918  and the correlation between last winter  solar activity and COVID- 19 PANDEMY.  Other data about winter cold temperature and air pollutionn was described for other diseases, pain, and may be for COVID-19 , waiting summer…  https://www.ilmeteo.it/notizie/coronavirus-il-covid19-si-avvia-a-diventare-solo-un-raffreddore-ecco-perch-parlano-i-virologi-181527
We are looking to start with the INTERNATIONAL TRIAL MERIDIANTECH & COVID19
Bioelectrical Diagnostics & Coherent Therapy
COVID-19 Multicentric International Trials for Diagnosis-driven Personalised Precision Therapy"
We hope to give an help to our MEDICAL COMMUNITY and to the people facing to not easy game to defait this little and dangerous virus http://www.iiimb.me/meridiantech.html
Prato 13 May Vincenzo Valenzi

Coronavirus, Sileri: “Non può esserci Fase 2 senza largo uso di tamponi e test sierologici. ”
Magari neanche nella  fase 1, dove abbiamo perso diversi punti del PIL quindi una paccata di soldi, che MES  on non MES dovremo pagare, con una Waterloo sanitaria, specie nelle fortezze del Nord, che ci costringerà a svegliarci dal sonno di tirare a campare e lassare perdere, che ci sta portando nel baratro, con il grosso del sistema economico che si fonda sulle piccole e medie imprese, l’artigianato, il commercio, l’agricoltura  e il turismo e dintorni, che sono alla canna del gas.
La voglia di ripartire è grande ed è tutt’altro che irresponsabile come amano ripetere gli “esperti” da Londra, o dai comode sofa televisivi,  innaffiati negli IBAN presidenziali da superesperti…Ci siamo persi il super secilamente nella scelta di un titolo anticorpale che fa solo le IgG e non le IgM, ma questi superesperti, sono ugualmente stati ben  difesi, nella mission affidata di difendere la sicurezza sanitaria pubblica,  dalle truppe a caccia di grigliate nei terrazzi dei palazzi, di sub e spiaggiati accerchiati dalle forze aereonavali e di terra e di fakenewsisti cacciati e colpiti e affondati nelle acque agitate e pericolose del web, quando forse bastava guardare in casa  nei salotti televisivi per trovare pesci pregiati delle fake da pescare nel laghetto glaxato http://www.uniglobus.it/inchieste-virali.html
o il direttore vicario dell’OMS a OTTOeMezzo .
Ovviamente siamo fiduciosi nella Giustizia e nel buonsenso italico che alla fine prevarrà sulle astuzie e sui troppi particulari emersi, come dice Sileri, nel casino della mascherine, e si auspica che ci si possa mettere con strategie efficaci e sicure a liberare il Paese e le forze produttive che hanno urgenza di tornare a produrre pena la morte  e non solo delle aziende, non per Corona virus, ma per fallimenti a catena ecc. ecc.
E’ infatti difficile capire perché in zone a basso tasso di contagio , vicino a zero, come in Calabria e molti comuni COVID-FREE, dovremmo continuare a tenere tutti in casa e magari contrastare timidi tentativi di riaprire le attività economiche e turistiche come propone Toti in Liguria, Zaia in Veneto (che ha fatto quello che propone Sileri nella fase 2  già nella fase 1 con tamponi e anticorpi di massa e una gestione da manuale della crisi virale che sarebbe da considerare almeno per la fase 2)
Sul fronte della terapia giungono voci buone anche dall’alto e in particolare dai suoi rappresentanti in terra come quelli del San Raffaele e da altre entità simili https://www.ilgiornale.it/news/cronache/farmaco-che-inibisce-virus-primi-miglioramenti-48-ore-1861622.html
Anche noi, con poca modestia stiamo al 5° WORKSHOP MERIDIANTECH &COVID 19 www.iiimb.me e contiamo di passare dai brain storming che sono stati essenziali per le operazioni sul terreno con un trial internazionale che verificherà sul campo la terapia personalizzata con metodiche di scelta coerente dei farmaci principali, che sono registrati sulla macchina russo tedesca PROGNOS. Comitati etici e AIFA varie permettendo of course.
Di molto promettente anche la terapia con anticorpi dei guariti dall’infezione che è in corso negli USA da marzo e in Italia in particolare a Mantova e Pavia con buon risultati. Difficile capire le reazioni a questi successi . Forse si teme per la sicurezza degli emoderivati lavorati in casa dall’AVIS e dagli Ospedali, memori delle vicende dell’ultimo ventennio del NOVECENTO con l’affaire del sangue infetto e di Padmore, per cui si vorrebbe affidare a Gruppi industriali di primo livello la produzione di questi sieri terapeutici, anche se qualche perplessità in alcuni settori della opinione pubblica insorge come ci segnala la V0CE DELLE VOCI  http://www.lavocedellevoci.it/2020/05/09/gruppo-marcucci-kedrion-attacca-la-voce-sul-fronte-di-wuhan/ .
Prato 12 maggo 2020 Vincenzo Valenzi

Bill Gates continues his generous work to help international community against the CORONA VIRUS menace. In its last GATES NOTE he wrote something of interesting for the perspectives of this crisis:
“One of the questions I get asked the most these days is when the world will be able to go back to the life we were used to live in December before the coronavirus pandemic. My answer is always the same: when we have an almost perfect drug to treat COVID-19, or when almost every person on the planet has been vaccinated against coronavirus.
The former is unlikely to happen anytime soon. We’d need a miracle treatment that was at least 95 percent effective to stop the outbreak. Most of the drug candidates right now are nowhere near that powerful. They could save a lot of lives, but they aren’t enough to get us back to normal”. https://www.statnews.com/2020/04/29/gilead-says-critical-study-of-covid-19-drug-shows-patients-are-responding-to-treatment/ .
So Gates sees how, better and may be only solutions, could be a new vaccine to stop COVID 19 PANDEMY https://www.gatesnotes.com/Health/What-you-need-to-know-about-the-COVID-19-vaccine?WT.mc_id=20200430100000_COVID-19-vaccine_BG-EM_&WT.tsrc=BGEM .
He wrote again: “Humankind has never had a more urgent task than creating broad immunity for coronavirus. Realistically, if we’re going to return to normal, we need to develop a safe, effective vaccine. We need to make billions of doses, we need to get them out to every part of the world, and we need all of this to happen as quickly as possible….”
We hope that ASAP we could have a safe, effective vaccine. But we have to wait 1-2 years to have it, and till it’s ready, we must combat the COVID 19 and many others diseases around the world that hit the population.
The main goal is to maintain an high level in the Immuno system, because it’s clear that the little and dangerous virus kill people mainly with weak immunosystem and others comorbidity. For this reasons, could be useful look to some measures that could improve the immunostatus or reduce the immunodepression stimulus.. or both..

1) Is well know that air pollution increase BPCO (chronic Bronchitic obstructive), allergy and many other diseases. So could be useful send group of populations at risk of mortal corona virus infections in hill and mountain areas where we observed no relevant pathology by Corona virus as in the past Century with tuberculosis in Enchanted Mountain of Thomas Mann in Davos, and also in little village as Poli near Rome where as for the past of Peste and Tubercolosis, COVID 19 don’t find too much space or not space at all https://www.comune.poli.rm.it/c058078/po/mostra_news.php?id=276&area=H .

2) Increase the bio-electrical power in human body, that in some way is a super computer with billions of chip under 0,1 V of potential and superconductive phenomena that manage organs and system. We can study it thanks to seminal contribution of pioneer of electronics and German MD Reinhold Voll, that use the first electronic (a Wheatstone Bridge) to measure the resistance and others electrical parameters in the old chinese meridians, that could give key informations about the functional state of organs and systems and drives the therapy, on the basis of coherent or incoherent effect on electrical circuitry in the body in the same way of ECG or EEG for heart and brain. We believe that these MERIDIANTechnology advanced after Voll, as PROGNOS, that will be used for the first test for a PRECISION THERAPY that could optimize the great power of main drug digitized for select them against COVID-19.

3) We launched an international alliance to improve and make useful MERIDIAN-Technology after an international trial in preparation, that could help, if results will be positive as we think on the basis of our daily experience, medical community (that lost only in Italy more than 150 doctor) to develop and carry a PRECISION THERAPY against COVID-19 www.iiimb.me.

4) Many team from Italy, German, France Spain, Ukraine, Algerie, India, Perù, ecc. are joing in this project and the 4° workshop was held in this 30 april with the video asap on the youtube after the crash audio of FB for some problems with smartphone.
We think so, that waiting a good a safe vaccine as for Polio, we must join the efforts to improve drug therapy also with MERIDIANTech PRECISION THERAPY and it seems that also some good results come also from sierotherapy with antibody of healing people by COVID 19 as suggested by virologist Giulio Tarro https://mantovauno.it/cronaca/il-plasma-iperimmune-ha-azzerato-la-mortalita-tra-i-pazienti-trattati-prima-in-forme-analoghe-di-gravita-decessi-tra-il-30-e-il-60/

We hope to come back asap to December life, and may be some considerations must be developped on Swedish management of COVID 19

Prato 2 May 2020 Vincenzo Valenzi
Enigma and perspectives in COVID-19 DISEASE
This small virus point to many lessons, some we have learnt already over the last 120 days, some we are learning very quickly (about errors in protocols based on an incomplete appreciation of the anatomophysiology of progression of the disease).  Most important are the majority of lessons that we will not learn because we will refuse to learn ones we will refuse to learn as individuals (the simple benefits of social distancing),  refusing to learn as communities (the errors of mass lockdown of nations and how to avoid such events in the future, lack of appropriate diagnostic technologies and much more)

This pandemic exposes all the weakness in all aspects of the current unfortunate and ill-placed decadence in our societies and limited health and wellbeing literacy, and health as a given and taking good health for granted.

The list of lessons is much longer:

- over emphasis on healthcare, and that healthcare will solve all problems.  There are other silent pandemics in all our societies which is eating away at the health of our societies.
- particularly the consequences of the commercialization of healthcare
- and over emphasis on commercial healthcare driven medical education.
- the over simplification of the rich and complex concepts of human physiology, anatomophysiology, neuroanotomophysiology and their interconnections with health and disease.  All this has been reduced to pills, tables and capsules.
- The link between food and health
- The link between environment abiotic stressors and human health and wellbeing
- the link between climate and ill health
- the challenges of demography and how to prepare better for health and wellbeing challenges.
- health cannot be uploaded or downloaded or bought, health has to be earned.

The autopsy report s on COVID-19 from Italy shines a dim light of hope and the urgency to reestablish basic research and anatomopathology, physiopathology, the basics of the neurovegetative system and adverse physiological responses.

in medicine today this pandemic shines the brightest light on the role of Universities and medical schools.  They can no longer be businesses and breeding ground for servicing the ill placed agendas of the pharmaceutical industry.  If future "Covid Waterloos" have to be avoided then there is a needs for a sea-change in policies about medical education and training and a revival of non-commercial medical education and a medical elite who guide the world to better standards and ethics and moral values about health and healthcare..

There are lessons also for learning from other established systems of medicine from the Occident - in particular from China and India.

The most important lesson ... Health For All by 2030 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals are achievable but the political appetite for making this happen needs to be grown

Vincenzo Valenzi e Madan Thagavelu
Dear Colleagueas
please find  the program of 3° workshop on MERIDIANTech AND COVID19 CONTRAST.
We are preparing the local team for the polycentric trial on DRIVEN THERAPY  WITH MERIDIANTECH for a personalized treatment of COVID-19 DISEASES.
See you Tomorrow at 5 pm on web workshop.
best regards
Vincenzo Valenzi

it's more easy and useful connect with personal computer ...with smartphone some difficult but you can try ….some was connected in the last two workosop...many other failed the connexion….


In the increasingly heated discussion on the etiopathogenesis of Corona Virus disease (https://www.who.int/news-room/q-a-detail/q-a-coronaviruses), important contributions from Lombardy in Italy to decipher the multifaceted pathology pushes Fabio Corsi of the University of Milan to comment that:

"The patient dies from ten thousand causes, many who die from COVID-19 die due to existing pathologies and / or related co-morbidities."  But are anti-inflammatories useful or not?   "Sure, but at what stage? There are no equal phases for everyone. There are those who unfortunately die in three days, those who are sick for fifteen days, then suddenly the situation precipitates, there are those who recover. There is extreme variability. The important thing is to understand the window of effectiveness of anti-inflammatories as well as any other drug. It is clear when it is right to use antivirals and anti-inflammatories. " To say that thromboembolism causes the death of those affected by the virus does not mean much, he concludes. “Thromboembolism is one of the most frequent causes of death. The incidence on positive patients is clearly higher than in normal cases. This is why heparin is now being used and it is understood that all patients have to be souped up. " https://www.ilsussidiario.net/news/coronavirus-come-uccide-tromboembolia-non-e-causa-principale-della-morte/2010195/

Nature's news item of 9 April "How does COVID-19 kill? Uncertainty is hampering doctors’ ability to choose treatments" (https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-01056-7 ) alludes to this complexity.  The suggestions also question all the available consolidated protocols, attempts at defining guidelines, and attempts to find effective drugs.  In Italy, almost eighty proposals for testing new and old pharmaceuticals have been submitted to The Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA, Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco) which approved sixteen.

The key question, not only in Corsi's opinion, is "to understand the window of the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory and other also every other drug". In other words, enable personalized precision therapy.  This though is easier said than done, it is never very easy to do particularly when complex processes like a cytokine storm and beyond is involved

MERIDIANTech is working on an international polycentric trial that will contribute to measuring and monitoring "to understand the window of the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory and other also every other drug".

The second 5-hour preparatory workshop was held on Saturday 18 April with the intervention of German doctors Michael Bauer, Beate Maul and Louis NIESTEGGE and who introduced us to one of the most promising technology.   MERIDIANTech - PROGNOS system is manufactured in Germany and conceived from Russian-German projects from the time of the Mir space programme.  Early evidence suggests that the technology is also capable of diagnosing the presence of respiratory viruses and COVID-19. The software is being completed with the registration of the main drugs in use against COVID 19 diseases, to guide the therapy on the basis of electrical, coherent or inconsistent variations of the drugs on the bioelectric systems measurable on the skin, along the meridians, like electrocardiographic monitoring for the guide to the treatment of arrhythmias etc.

The reports of the 2nd MERIDIANTech workshop is now availabel on Facebook:  https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3382564095091285&id=100000131826854

Prof. Giulio Tarro, the current President of the Biotechnology Commission of the Virosphere, WABT-UNESCO, Paris, and a close collaborator of Albert Bruce Sabin, developer of the oral polio vaccine touched on several historic points.  Earlier, Prof. Tarro was the primary investigator of Cotugno di Napoli and managed the "male oscura", "the obscure illness" of Naples, presumed initially to be cholera and that killed over eighty children .  This condition was later show to be by an  aggressive respiratory syncytial virus that  triggered bronchiolitis .

Konstantin APYKHTI of the Institute of Gerontology National Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine spoke about mini-electrocardiographic diagnostics and HEART RATE VARIABILITY for a home monitoring on a telemedicine platform of COVID-19 patients that is not easy to manage at home, given the implications of prevention of contagion which entails significant home isolation.

Molecular geneticist Madan Thangavelu (Cambridge UK and Bangalore, India), and Vincenzo Valenzi (Florence, Italy) dealt with the pharmacogenomics and pharmacoelectrodynamics challenge to win the game against COVID-19.

The third MERIDIANTech workshopo is scheduled for Friday 24 April, starting 18:00, Central European Time.

MERIDIANTech devices will be operational by the end of next week in the different MERIDIANTech-Prognosnet COVID19 Research Centers of the network partners in India, Europe and Africa.

Prato 21 April 2020 Vincenzo Valenzi


Dear Colleagueas

some scientific development and preparations to support the  contrast to COVID-19 pandemic.
We are preparing a international trial and we are preparing the local team to use MERIDIANTech for  coherent personalized therapy selecting the main drug to kill the virus and support the immunosystem and the perfomance status in the people that are infected.

Vincenzo Valenzi

Dr. Sudhir Bagga

Dialogo con Vadym Berevzosky
In uno scenario alpino natalizio improprio, con le coste spazzate da trombe d'aria, ci si domanda che succede alle stagioni e CHE FARE ?
Si è pensato che questi fenomeni climatici anomali dipendessero da attività umane, che vanno sbilanciando gli equilibri naturali, il Global Warming, e alcune misure si vanno prendendo in particolare sulle emissioni inquinanti industriali e autoveicolari e si punta allo sviluppo sostenibile.
Ma terrapiattisti a parte, è ben noto che il nostro villaggio globale terrestre è giusto un po' più grande di quello che vediamo aggirarsi intorno a noi come Luna e in generale qualcosa di simile ad una delle stelle che vediamo piccole piccole e come forse il CLIMA sulla terra dipenda principalmente dal clima cosmico, in primis dall'attività solare.

Se ne parlerà in Crimea dal 23:al 27 settembre nella XIII CONFERENZA INTERNAZIONALE COSMO E BIOSPHERA dedicata ai 50 anni della Scuola di Magnetobiologia, tema questo alquanto trascurato, pericolosamente, per la conoscenza dei fondamentali meccanismi biologici che sono regolati dalla chimica e dalle interazioni bioelettromagnetiche lineari e non lineari, sino all'effetto Bohm Arhonov, che pare giocare un ruolo chiave nella regolazione dei fenomeni biologici come messo in evidenza a livello teorico e sperimentale tra gli altri  da Voll, Eccles, Benveniste, Preparata, Del Giudice, Trukan, Widom, Srivastava, Montagnier.
Dal Cosmo al microcosmo cellulare, la ricerca procede tra difficoltà reali e resistenze che ricordano molto la lezione socratica del sapere di non sapere che è ancora attuale, anzi amplificata dalla crescita di ciò che sappiamo, che resta il principale ostacolo, paradossalmente, all'acquisizione di ciò che non sappiamo ancora, come ci disse tempo da Claude Bernard.
La gestione delle patologie da inquinamento urbano in particolare allergiche e asmatiche, rilanciando l'antica climatoterapia montana per affrontare l'emergenza sul modello di Briancon che va rilanciato ed esteso in tutta l'Europa, nuove strategie di cura guidata  delle malattie infettive, il contrasto alle reazioni avverse ai farmaci, sono i temi di interesse più strettamente umano su cui abbiamo testato in questi anni  teorie modelli e tecniche operative che andranno validate in ricerche multicentriche che stabilizzino e consolidino i risultati che, ci informano che si possono migliorare i rapporti rischi benefici e costi benefici delle terapie, praticando la terapia di precisione personalizzata su base farmacoelettrodinamica .
Sono questi temi trattati nelle ultime conferenze dai Kiev, Saratov, e di cui si parlerà anche in Crimea in un contesto più ampio tra COSMO E BIOSFERA.
La sfida della cooperazione scientifica è aperta, per conquistare e consolidare nuove conoscenze e nuove tecniche da Boston a Minneapolis, da Roma a Parigi da Kiev Mosca, da  Varsavia a Saratov per giungere in Crimea di cui trovate la lettera di informazioni  in  allegato.
Al di là dei molti muri vecchi e nuovi, solo una forte cooperazione internazionale e interdisciplinare ci potrà consentire di andare oltre i nostri nuovi limiti e superarci per affrontare e vincere la sfida della modernità, dello sviluppo sostenibile e giusto,  e di tentare di convivere con le bizze del clima locale e cosmico.
Prato 18 Maggio 2019 Vincenzo Valenzi

P.S. c'è la possibilità di dare una mano alla ricerca con il 5x mille. La FONDAZIONE FUTURA Onlus presieduta dal Generale Stefano Murace, che è impegnata da anni nella promozione di ricerche sui tumori, sulla Fusione Fredda e che ci ha aiutato nelle attività di COHERENCE e che ci deve aiutare ancora  di più nelle prossime sfide scientifiche che ci attendono. Vi chiedo di dare il vostro 5 PER MILLE scrivendo il codice fiscale nr. 07278491001 della Fondazione Futura
sulla vostra dichiarazione dei redditi.

Dear Colleagues! We invite you to take part in XIII International Crimean Conference "Cosmos and Biosphere"
which will be held September 23 - 27, 2019 in Crimea The conference is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Crimean School of Magnetobiology.
We would like to draw your attention that the dates of the conference have been changed (due to a change in the date of the VI Congress of Biophysicists of Russia in Sochi and the wishes of the participants of the forums).
The conference will include plenary, sectional and poster presentations, as well as evening lectures.  Conference topics:
• space weather and biological processes; • space weather and medicine; • space weather, brain and psyche; • biological effect of micro doses of various physical factors; • environmental problems of the biosphere and near-Earth space; • space weather and physic – chemical systems, the role of water in the effects of space weather; • cosmic influences on the technosphere; • space weather and social phenomena. Abstracts of papers will be published to the beginning of the conference. Applications for participation in the conference are accepted until July 31, 2019 at: cosmos.biosphere2017@mail.ru A cultural program will be prepared for the participants of the conference.
Organizers: Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Crimean Federal University named after VI. Vernadsky "; Scientific Council on the Study and Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage, Section "Cultural and Natural Heritage of Crimea" of the Russian Academy of Sciences Chairs of the Program Committee: Elena Nikolayevna Chuyan; Vladimirsky Boris Mikhailovich; VincenzoI.Valenzi. Organizing Committee: E. Biryukova; Ravaeva M.Yu.; Tumanyants K.N.; Yarmolyuk N.S.; Grigoriev, P.E.; Brazhnikov N.A.
Please confirm participation with the form (full-time / part-time).
Многоуважаемые Коллеги!
Приглашаем Вас принять участие в  XІІI Международной Крымской конференции "Космос и Биосфера",  которая состоится 23 – 27 сентября 2019 г. в Крыму
Конференция посвящается 50-летию Крымской школы магнитобиологии.
Обращаем Ваше внимание, что даты конференции изменены (в связи с изменением даты проведения VI Съезда биофизиков России в Сочи и пожеланиями участников форумов).  Работа конференции будет включать пленарные, секционные и стендовые доклады, а также вечерние лекции.  Тематика конференции: • космическая погода и биологические процессы; • космическая погода и медицина; • космическая погода, мозг и психика; • биологическое действие микродоз различных физических факторов; • экологические проблемы биосферы и околоземного космического пространства; • космическая погода и физико–химические системы, роль воды в эффектах космической погоды; • космические влияния на техносферу;  • космическая погода и общественные явления.
Тезисы докладов будут опубликованы к началу работы конференции. Заявки на участие в работе конференции принимаются до 31 июля 2019 г. по адресу:cosmos.biosphere2017@mail.ru Для участников конференции будет подготовлена культурная программа.  
Организаторы: Федеральное государственное бюджетное образовательное учреждение высшего образования «Крымский федеральный университет имени В.И. Вернадского»; Научный совет по изучению и охране культурного и природного наследия, секция "Культурное и природное наследие Крыма" Российской Академии Наук Председатели Программного комитета: Чуян Елена Николаевна; Владимирский Борис Михайлович; VincenzoI.Valenzi. Организационный комитет: Бирюкова Е.А.; Раваева М.Ю.; Туманянц К.Н.; Ярмолюк Н.С.; Григорьев П.Е.; Бражникова Н.А.  Просим подтвердить участие с указанием формы (очное/заочное).
Abstracts Rules
• Be careful, abstracts will be published in the form in which you send them;
• Abstracts should be submitted in Russian;
• The volume of abstracts should not exceed one A4 page size (for more details, see the instructions for writing abstracts);
• To publish abstracts, you must register on the Conference website and submit abstracts no later than June 25, 2017;
• Abstracts are accepted exclusively by e-mail at: BioPhys-Conf-2017@biophys.ru
• The name of the file with theses must match the name of the first author, typed in Latin. In the case of two or more abstracts of the same author, the numeration in Arabic numerals is added to the author’s last name;
• Abstracts should be created and saved in MS Word in the format * .doc;
• Abstracts submitted after the deadline or not in accordance with the Rules will not be considered.
Instructions for abstracts
1. Abstracts are typed and saved in the text editor MS Word in the format * .doc;
2. Abstracts are printed at 1 interval, in Times New Roman, 10 pt., No more than 1 page, A4 page size (210 x 297 mm), 20 mm margins on all sides;
3. First line: TITLE (IN CAPITAL LETTERS, bold, centered);
4. [blank line] Following the header is an empty line;
5. List of authors: surnames with initials (bold, comma separated, centered). When listing authors from different organizations, no characters are put after the initials of the main author and coauthors from the same organization; after the initials of co-authors from other organizations a number is put (starting with one, without a space, superscript) in accordance with the order of addresses in the list below. A properly designed list of authors may look like this: Ivanov SI, Petrov V.D.1, Sidorov K.M.
6. Coordinates (place of work, country, contact information, E-mail). If there are several addresses for different authors, each address (except for the first one that belongs to the main author) in the superscript is put a number in accordance with the list of authors (center alignment);
7. [blank line] Next, one empty line.
8. Text of theses (aligned to the width, red line 1 cm, including for lines with formulas);
9. Formulas should be typed in the MathType editor or Microsoft Equation Editor 3. References to formulas are given in parentheses, to the literature from the list - in square brackets. Formula numbers (in parentheses) are aligned on the right border of the text;
10. Drawings, diagrams and photographs must be included directly in the text and accompanied by titles;
11. [blank line] Leave one empty line;
12. After the text of the theses, before the list of references, there is a brief summary (title, authors, place of work, contact information) in English;
13. If you give a list of references, it should be issued as follows:
14. [blank line] Leave one blank line before the list of literature;
15. Literature (bold, left justified).
 List the numbered list of publications as follows:
• for books: Surname and. O., Surname, and. O. Title. - City: publisher, year. NNc.
• For articles: Last Name, First Name, Last Name, First Name, Last Name, First Name Title // Journal, Year, Volume NN, Number NN, Page. Nn-nn.

CONTATTI: info@iiimb.me
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